Jan 31, 2017


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I have been absent for a week from my blog because of a viral illness and allowing myself to be swept up in the chaos following the American election.  Change -- it can be chaotic, scary, tumultuous.  It can seem very dark, but perhaps that darkness makes way for the light to follow.  I am heartened by the people all over the world speaking up for human rights.

Jan 20, 2017


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"we are taught to develop preference as signs of importance and position." Mark Nepo

Nepo goes on to say that joy is found in being satisfied where we are, whether in the front row or the bleachers.  It seems to me it is a continuum.  With "making do" at one end and "demanding preferences" at the other.  I have spent time at the "making do" end, and I know people who spend considerable time stating their preferences.  It seems to me it is better to reside in the middle, as in most things.

Jan 19, 2017

Truly Living

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"It is only by risking ourselves from one hour to another that we live at all." William James

Do you take carefully-thought-out risks?  It is a fine line, perhaps, from being a foolish risk taker to being one who does it thoughtfully.  Courage.  I recently saw Hacksaw Ridge movie, and - while it had much more gore in it than I like -- it is a true story of profound courage.  So, too, is the true story of the 3 women at NASA in the 1960's who were brilliant and brave, portrayed in Hidden Figures.  It inspires me to see such examples of courage.

Jan 18, 2017


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"There are many reasons to be kind, but perhaps none is as compelling as the spiritual fact that it is what we do." Mark Nepo

Most people have a natural inclination to help other people.  Good people abound everywhere.  To not be kind is the exception; not the rule for humans.  If we are all kind to one another, perhaps that is the greatest true religion of all.

Jan 14, 2017

Stormy Times

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"Even if one glimpses God, there are still cuts and splinters and burns along the way." Mark Nepo

There have been several untimely deaths in my circle of acquaintances recently, which causes me to stop and wonder -- what is it all about?  Why illness, unkindness, death, suffering?  Is there a point to it?  

Jan 12, 2017


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"Love is an essence . . ." Keys to Wisdom

What do you think love is?  Is it warm feelings?  Is it passion?  Is it a decision?  I remember some years ago going to a workshop in which they said - love is a decision, and I think that is correct.  We decide to be loving.  Or not.  

Jan 11, 2017


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"We should daily feel a deeper union with life." Creative Living

How can we feel a deeper union with life?  Being creative is one way.  I am in the process of signing up for Spanish classes.  I took Spanish in high school and college, but have never been proficient in it.  It seems, as a world citizen, it is respectful to speak more than one language.  Very affordable through community education programs or online.

Jan 9, 2017

Creating Peace

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"Start your day with peace, and you will live it in peace." The Thing Called Life

I agree.  The way we start our day sets the tone for the rest of the day.  That is why I do not allow my prayer time to be squeezed out of my morning.  First thing I do every morning is spend a half hour or more in prayer.  That sets the tone for my day.  How do you create peace in your life?

Jan 8, 2017


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Definition:  The act of becoming enlightened, aware, having insight.  Merriam-Webster

If that is the definition of enlightenment, aren't most of us enlightened?  Don't you have flashes of insight?  Aren't there times you are aware of something  about which previously you were unaware?  As the winter solstice has passed, more light is entering our days in the northern hemisphere.  Let us let the light enter us as well.

Jan 2, 2017


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"Enlightenment is intimacy with all things." Jack Kornfield

So, perhaps enlightenment is not living in bliss, as I once thought.  Perhaps it is living in intimacy with all things.  All other people, all plants, animals, trees, the water.  What do you think?

Jan 1, 2017

A New Day

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A new day.  A new year.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.  What intentions can you set for 2017 that will make your world a better place?  I intend to add another type of exercise to my life, work less, enjoy life more.