Apr 11, 2018

Being Happy

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I just read a good article in Forbes on being happy.  It had practical suggestions:  be with positive people, enjoy moments such as noticing something in nature, get enough sleep, exercise daily, help others, make an effort to be happy.  These are things we can all do.  One of the hardest things for me is to avoid negative, complaining people.  Is it just me, or are they everywhere?!?  That includes, of course, avoiding negative thoughts.  It might take practice, but it is worth it.  Be happy.  On purpose.

Apr 8, 2018


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Loneliness seems to accompany caregiving, whether the care receiver is alive or deceased.  If you are dealing with dementia, there is the loneliness associated with losing, bit by bit, the person you love.  So much energy goes into caregiving, that there can be a large hole left when that role has ended.

Apr 5, 2018


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Is it spring where you live?   Or fall, if in southern hemisphere?  Here it is spring, although one would never know it -- because it is snowing, again, today.  Good moisture.