Nov 30, 2016

Dementia Declining

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"Dementia rates are dropping even as population ages." New York Times, 11/22/16

This article cites a study that says dementia rate in Americans 65 years and older fell by 24% over the last 12 years.  Amazing, because I am sure we all know someone who has dementia.  What is the decline attributed to?  Years of education seem to impact dementia, and older Americans in 2012 had one more year of schooling than older Americans in 2000.  This may be good news for all of us getting older.

Nov 29, 2016

Spend Time in Nature

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Studies have shown that it benefits health to spend time in nature every day.  If you are unable to do that, consider getting a living plant to brighten your home.  

Nov 28, 2016

Nov 27, 2016


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Happiness is an inside job.

Yes, we can blame lots of exterior things, and, of course, some life situations are more stressful than others, but happiness is an inside job.  We can be happy in any setting.  It is our choice.

Nov 26, 2016


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"I am grateful for what I am and have.  My thanksgiving is perpetual." Henry David Thoreau

Rather than focusing on what we have to be thankful for one day a year, how about every day?  For what are you thankful today?  


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"Being kind isn't always about giving; sometimes it's about receiving with gratitude and grace." Katherine Saux

It seems for most humans it is harder to receive than to give, but we need a balance. If we do not accept gifts or compliments with ease, we are denying the other person the delight in giving.  Today let us look for ways to both receive and give.

Nov 25, 2016

Self Compassion

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"Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world." Lao-Tzu

Wow!  What if it is that simple?!  What if it world peace does really start with being compassionate toward oneself?!  It is certainly worth practice self-compassion.  Not only do we as individuals benefit, but all beings.

Nov 24, 2016

Happy Holidays

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As families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving together, let us be at peace with one another, enjoy one another, see the goodness in each other -- and be thankful.

Nov 23, 2016

Our Perspective

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Do you see the glass half full or half empty?  Do you face into life's difficulties, rather than deny them?  Life does have challenges, but it also has much goodness.  Which do you focus upon?  Yesterday, the lights on the dashboard of my car started flashing, my email went down, I spent the time I had wanted to spend exercising instead running to repair shops.  But.  I also had a lovely dinner, yoga in evening, visits from ones I love.  So, it was a very good day indeed.

Nov 22, 2016

Find Time for Joy

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I got to spend some time with my 4 year old granddaughter over the weekend, and she teaches me so much about joy.  Dragon hunting with head lamps, dancing to her music on her cd player, bacon for lunch and dinner.  What a good reminder to be in the moment and allow joy.

Nov 21, 2016

Life is Good

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"You have to decide if the universe is a friendly place or not." Albert Einstein (paraphrased)

Do you believe that the world is a friendly place?  That life is good?  Last week my computer crashed.  This morning as I was hooking it up after repairs, the mouse did not work.  I have to admit I first went to irritation, but, then I stopped myself.  After all, how important an issue is a computer mouse?  In the scheme of things, not important at all.

Nov 20, 2016

Support One Another

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In this time of uncertainty, let us set the intention to support each other.  We are interconnected, each of is needed in the scheme of things, let us honor ourselves and all others.

Nov 19, 2016

A New Day

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Let us meet this day with optimism, do what we can to improve the world, and perform little acts of kindness wherever we can.

Nov 18, 2016


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If A Course in Miracles is correct and there is only love or fear, let us reside in love -- to counteract the fear spreading in the world in the form of hate.  Love, peace, tolerance, human rights.  Let's stand for the values that are supportive of life.

Nov 17, 2016

Time for Hope

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We are at a point in history where I feel we must speak up for hope, dignity, tolerance for those different from ourselves, and respect.  It is a time for speaking out on behalf of those values we cherish.  It is a time to offset and face down fear and hate.

Nov 16, 2016


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This year's super moon is the closest the moon has been to earth since 1948.

I hope you see it.  On November 14 I went with two of my favorite people in the world (my daughter and granddaughter) to a high elevation, and we watched first an exquisite sunset, and then - looking in the opposite direction - a breathtaking supermoon rising.  Hope you take time to see it.