Dec 3, 2016


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"At heart, hospitality is a helping across a threshold." Ivan Illich

This is the season in many parts of the world to reach out in hospitality to one another, and I love this definition.  Hospitality is a helping across a threshold.  It is not just opening our homes to others; it is opening our hearts, lending a helping hand, supporting another's success. 

Dec 2, 2016


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Let us learn to have compassion toward ourselves and all others.  The amount of melanin in one's skin, the gender, the age, the belief system of any person does not separate us.  We are all citizens of this planet, just as the plants and animals with whom we share space.

Nov 30, 2016

Dementia Declining

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"Dementia rates are dropping even as population ages." New York Times, 11/22/16

This article cites a study that says dementia rate in Americans 65 years and older fell by 24% over the last 12 years.  Amazing, because I am sure we all know someone who has dementia.  What is the decline attributed to?  Years of education seem to impact dementia, and older Americans in 2012 had one more year of schooling than older Americans in 2000.  This may be good news for all of us getting older.

Nov 29, 2016

Spend Time in Nature

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Studies have shown that it benefits health to spend time in nature every day.  If you are unable to do that, consider getting a living plant to brighten your home.  

Nov 28, 2016

Nov 27, 2016


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Happiness is an inside job.

Yes, we can blame lots of exterior things, and, of course, some life situations are more stressful than others, but happiness is an inside job.  We can be happy in any setting.  It is our choice.

Nov 26, 2016


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"I am grateful for what I am and have.  My thanksgiving is perpetual." Henry David Thoreau

Rather than focusing on what we have to be thankful for one day a year, how about every day?  For what are you thankful today?