Oct 24, 2016

Doors Open and Close

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"When one door closes, another opens." common saying

Do you believe that when one door closes, another opens?  It seems in my life I feel the need to completely close one door and honor what occurred during that phase in life, before another door can open for me.  Professionally, I have learned that in a few months the office I use will no longer be available.  So, what does that mean for me?  A consideration.  Do you consider options when one door closes?  What might it mean for your life?

Oct 23, 2016

Fall: A Time for Reflection

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Fall:  Everything is slowing down.

Nature provides us a good example in the fall.  Things slow down.  Produce is harvested.  Animals and plants prepare for the winter.  Do you use fall to slow down, harvest the goodness in your life, and prepare for what is next?

Oct 22, 2016

Solitary Experience

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In the end, we must go our way alone.

I was struck, as I sat with Dwane during the dying process, what a singular and solitary experience dying is.  All of the possessions for which we had worked so hard were irrelevant.  In the end, all is irrelevant, except for the love we have shared.  Let us live each day as if it were our last.  Let's savor every moment and every person,

Oct 21, 2016

Well Being

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"Courage to the fearful, freedom to the enslaved, strength to the weak,mutual affection to all sentient beings." Shantideva

What a lovely prayer and sentiment for have for one another.  It takes courage, strength and affection to be a caregiving -- as well as wisdom and a certain amount of selflessness.  

Oct 20, 2016


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"Wisdom and compassion should become the dominating influences that guide our thoughts, our words, and our actions." Mattheiu Ricard

What a different place this world would be if everyone strived to have wisdom and compassion guide thoughts, words and actions.  

Oct 19, 2016

Wild Geese

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Today, as I worked outside, I heard the calls of wild geese as they flew overhead - heading south for the winter.

A sure sign of fall for me is when I hear the call of geese to each other as they fly in formation south for the winter.  I am touched by what I believe is true that one goose will fly in the front of the V formation for awhile, breaking trail for the others,and then that goose will drop back letting another goose take the lead for awhile.  What if we humans were so considerate of each other and doing our part for the good of the whole?

Oct 18, 2016

Nature as Balm

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October "super moon" is exquisite.

The last few nights the "super moon" has been exquisite.  As I write this blog, I can still see the moon in the now daylight.  Many studies have supported the healing balm of nature.  People in nursing homes do better if they have a plant to care for.  We can be connected - in a positive way - to life through nature, or friends, or having a pet.  What works for you?