Feb 16, 2017


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When I glanced at this photo in a small size, I thought it was an insect caught in a spider's web.  How funny that it is instead a ladybug sitting on a blade of grass.  I wonder if that is also true of a lot of our self-imposed webs.  I wonder if most ways of entrapment are an illusion.

Feb 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day can be difficult for caregivers, as we are usually giving and not receiving.  If the person you are providing care for has dementia, then you probably will have them retreat into themselves.  So, what can you do for you today?  A massage, a bubble bath, flowers?  

Feb 12, 2017

Snow Moon

I did not get to see the snow moon, nor eclipse, nor comet because of cloud cover, but it is fun to see the photos, like this one from Fox News.  The stars and sky have always attracted me.  I remember sitting with my two sisters long ago and looking at the stars.  That was in an area and time that had less light pollution, so we would often look at the stars, and we would even see the Northern Lights in rural Oregon.  I hope you enjoy our greater cosmos today.

Feb 10, 2017

Conquering Fear

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"I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up. this diminishes fear." Rosa Parks

We all have things we fear, but it is so important not to give in to fear.  I am not talking about doing something dangerous, but most fears we have are more mundane -- like speaking in public, approaching a person to ask for forgiveness, daring to love, daring to be authentic, speaking our truth.  Let us be fearless when speaking our truth, as long as we have as a goal what is in the highest and best interest of everyone.

Feb 9, 2017


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Do you live where there is diversity?  I live in an area which does not have much diversity.  That is one reason I like to travel to cities.  I see colors of skin and religious traditions that I don't often see here.  Diversity makes life a rich tapestry.

Feb 8, 2017

Buiding Bridges

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As caregivers we might consider seeing ourselves as building bridges of support for our care receiver and ourselves.  Yesterday I talked with a friend who is in the process of making decisions about her father.  She was considering leaving her profession to care for him because he did not want to go into assisted care.  Almost no one wants to go into assisted care.  I encouraged her to see where her greatest good and contribution could be:  as caregiver for her dad or as surgical nurse.  No decision is wrong, and it is important we each make our own decision about type of care.  

Feb 7, 2017

Winter Fun

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This photo actually depicts what it looks like here today.  Cold, wintery, snowing.  What is it like in your area?  As caregivers, winter months can be long.  What do you do for respite from caregiving?