Feb 7, 2016

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"In stillness, in your silence, try to catch God's highest idea of your life.  Be still and know the highest good.  Then keep focused on that good." Eugene Holden

I love the idea of focusing on the highest good in our life and in the lives of others.  Friday night I went with a friend to see him receive an award in his profession.  I went to support the highest good -- both for him in receiving recognition, but also for me -- to keep my focus on the highest and best for him and all people.  What might be the highest idea for your life?  It is worth pondering.

Feb 6, 2016

Feeling our Feelings

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"The truth is that while analyzing and strategizing and preparing ourselves can occupy our minds, and may even prevent us from being hurt the same way twice, there is no substitute for giving the wound air, which in the case of the heart means saying deeply, without aversion or self pity, "ouch."  Mark Nepo

Like many humans, I analyze my part in things, try to figure out what I did that I could have done differently, and that is not altogether a bad thing.  But.  To try to understand 'why' can divert us from the true work, which is to feel the pain of the loss.

Feb 5, 2016

Inner Journey

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"We can change jobs or lovers, travel around the world, become a doctor or lawyer or expert mountain climber, or nobly put our life on hold to care for an ailing mother or father, and when we are done, though the worthy distraction could take years, the threshold we did not pass within will still be there." Mark Nepo

How very true.  We are so busy within our lives.  If you are a caregiver, that takes hours and hours of time and much emotional energy.  There is not time, usually, within caregiving to think about our inner world.  And, it will be waiting.  Whatever we have not addressed within will be there for us to work on when the worthy distraction is done.  

Feb 4, 2016

Motivation and Grief

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Life is about giving and being vulnerable, which is precisely why it needs both courage and self-discipline." Anne Perry

So, true.  Life requires courage, self-discipline, vulnerability and perseverance.  I am finding 4 1/2 months post Dwane's death that I feel unmotivated.  Unmotivated for most everything.  Usually, I am disciplined into exercising every day, and loving it.  I find a lack of motivation to do that.  I am not sure what it means, but I do know myself well enough to know I will honor this phase.  It too shall pass, and I will return to life with more enthusiasm.

Feb 3, 2016

Our Purpose

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"How may I serve today?" Rickie Byars Beckwith

I have heard Oprah say the same thing -- that every day her intention is "how may I serve?"  There are so many people who have challenges that are overwhelming.  There are so many good things we could be doing with our time.  Perhaps this is a good guideline:  how may I serve?  

Feb 2, 2016

Practicing Silence

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"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46

Whether one is religious or not, there is great benefit in practicing silence.  Whether it is in yoga, walking meditation, sitting meditation or time out in a creative practice, silence replenishes the spirit.  It seems there is more anguish in the world, more people with depression and anxiety.  The antidote, perhaps - in addition to medication and therapy if needed, is the practice of silence.  To silence the world's voice of doom and gloom and to remember that all is well.

Feb 1, 2016

Grief Process

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"So stand with me.  Be here.  Love me in your willingness to admit that you don't know the answers." Tim Lawrence

This is what Tim Lawrence says he needs from others to help him in his grief.  I think what I want from others is to not assume you know how I feel and to not think I should be "over this already".  Grief is a process.  Just as I write this I am feeling more grief than I have in some time.  So, for me, a perfect response is:  "I am sorry for your loss."   Just to acknowledge that I have had a huge loss.