Jul 4, 2015

Honoring Our Life Passages

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"Gladly greet each of the changing seasons of your life." Stephen C. Paul

I have two friends, one is 80 and the other 87 -- each mows her own lawn, drives, go to exercise class, attends concerts late at night, entertains -- it is just astonishing.  I know another woman who at 90 exercises regularly and still works in the family business.  They are such wonderful role models -- those women who are still mentally, spiritually and physically vital.  How about you?  Even with caregiving, do you exercise regularly?  Do you eat wisely?  Do you have fun in your life?  Our mental attitudes are also a critical part of our aging.  I have decided my current decade will be my best one ever.  How about you?  Happy Independence Day to one and all.  Let us be free from all tyranny.

Jul 3, 2015

Being Happy Where We Are

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"So often we imagine that There is more full of gold than Here." Mark Nepo

Is that true for you?  I have, too often, not been fully present to what is happening right now, because I am thinking I need to get to what is going to happen next.  What a silly way to live.  When I am with my loved one, I try to be fully present.  In fact, that is a good practice for all of our settings.  Be Here Now.  Such a good practice.  

Jul 2, 2015


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"Courage is the heart's blossom."Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo talks about the important of courage and says that it is directly related to authenticity.  When someone runs into a burning building to retrieve a child,or when someone has the courage to say no to a medical treatment not deemed in one's best interest, or when one speaks the truth gently but firmly to others, all of this takes courage.  And, Nepo says this kind of courage is what brings us joy and it can come about only when we are authentic.  I heard recently that Buddhist monks are sometimes asked, for their first meditation, to consider "Who am I?"  What a good exercise for us all.  Who am I?  Who are you?   It is in considering these questions that we develop authenticity.

Jul 1, 2015


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"Orthotics, even cheap ones, can help provide extra cushioning and arch support, while custom-made prescription orthotics can help control excessive pronation that stresses the heel bone and attached tissues." Richard Laliberte

I have worn orthotics for years, and have looked at women who could still wear sandals or heels with some envy.  Pronation, where the foot leans inward, and high insteps have caused me to seek help for my feet from a podiatrist.  And, it is not just foot or ankle pain, my knees really bother me if I do not wear my orthotics.  We have 26 bones in each of our feet.   Let's treat them kindly.

Jun 30, 2015

Creating Positive Thoughts

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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that s human being can alter his/her life by altering his/her attitudes of mind." William James

More and more often we are seeing this from different people. We can control the content of our thoughts, and this altering does contribute hugely to our overall health.  I once heard Wayne Dyer say he considered thoughts were universal, as if they were going past us on a big conveyor belt -- and we got the pick the ones we wanted to have.  What if our thoughts are in no way original to us?  Bruce Lipton says our thoughts are largely redundant and largely negative.  But, we can change this.  We can choose to have positive thoughts, and we - and everyone who knows us - will benefit from that choice.

Jun 29, 2015

Children in Nursing Homes

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"The importance of children to the elderly has created buildings where children and the elderly co-exist by building preschools and nursing homes together." AARP

Both children and the elderly benefit from being together.  My 2 year old granddaughter is not afraid of the elderly who are drooling, stooped over and in wheelchairs - because she has been taken by her mother to visit so many times.  Her mother is very wise and always takes something for her toddler to do.  Yesterday it was a basket with bean bags to hide in the loved one's room.  She also brought a simple board game, and she involved the loved one in these activities.  Everyone benefits.  The elderly are entranced with a well-behaved child, and the child learns compassion for those who are shunned by much of society.  Do you have children involved in the life of your loved one? 

Jun 28, 2015

Developing Self Love

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"You cannot see outside of you what you fail to see inside." Anthony de Mello

We cannot see the best in others unless we see the best in ourselves.  We cannot have compassion and love for others until we have compassion and love for ourselves.  In western society it is taboo to think well of oneself --- and, I am not talking about bragging and bravado -- I am talking about having a high regard for ourselves and all we have done.  Part of my goal in life is to reflect other people's beauty back to them, because it seems that is done so very little.  We are good human beings, and, sometimes, all it takes is for someone to see our goodness and reflect it back to us for it to flourish even more.