Oct 28, 2010

Heath and healing

"Our negative reactions to life, our unhappiness, and perhaps most of our physical disorders are based on unhappy experiences that are buried, but buried alive, in our memories." Dr. Ernest Holmes.

We have all suffered trauma. Betrayal finds its way into great drama, i.e. Shakespeare, because it is a reality of the human experience -- we can all identify with it. So, if we all suffer negativity in life, what can we do about it? Gary Renard's book, The Disappearance of the Universe, suggests one way: forgive. Sounds simple, and many mental health and spiritual practitioners recommend it. To practice it one needs to identify the source of the woundedness and be willing to forgive whoever hurt us, and this includes forgiving ourselves. The act of forgiveness may be easier to do with the help of a therapist. However we do it, it is critical to our health that we release the negative emotions that can damage our minds and bodies.

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