Oct 29, 2010

Heathy habits

"The ancient practices of mind-training are quite similar to modern cognitive-behavioral therapies. We begin to observe our thinking patterns and gradually make changes based on those observations," Dr. Joan Borysenko.

When people say they cannot control their thoughts, I think that is incorrect. We can, as Dr. Borysenko says above, observe and begin to change the patterns of our thought. It can be one of the habits that support our health. Other habits to support our health include beginning the day with some kind of prayer, or if you are not religious, exercises of gratitude are beneficial. A good, nutritious breakfast is important; followed by physical exertion. Some form of exercise sufficient to get our heart rates up. If we begin our day with these three things and observe our thoughts during the day and choose to focus our thoughts on happy, grateful, calm, optimistic content, we will have done much to help ourselves be healthy in the midst of providing care to another.

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