Oct 18, 2010

Home with gladness

"The one who loves the most will live the most," Ernest Holmes.

Home. The trip was both lovely and hard. Harder to get through long airports to make connections than ever before. (Note to self: I really need to arrange a cart if we travel again.) A lot of togetherness. But also lovely. We went because Dwane really wanted to go, so I made the arrangements for him. We enjoyed our time by the sea. We had Mother Nature serve up a spectacular storm that we had never experienced by the sea before. We also got to attend one of the televised operas that I had read about. What an experience.

And it is so good to be home. The serenity and silence here is so supportive. And Dwane is much for independent here, with reliable schedules and the reliable setting. Whew! It will be good to relax from hypervigilance.

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