Dec 30, 2010


"Day by day, each one of us is weaving the beautiful tapestry of our lives," Kathy Juline.

A common thought, but not one that we perhaps consciously live. Courage moment by moment. I think of Rosa Parks, tired from a day of work, refusing to give up her seat on the bus. Last night we watched, Silent Night, a true story of a woman who took her son, who was old enough to be in Hitler's Youth, to their hunting cabin in the Ardennes forest near the front lines of the war during WWII. Three American and then three German soldiers come upon the cabin, and with her courage she has them stay overnight on Christmas eve in peace. They part as friends, having seen the humanity in each other.

Most of us do not live in war, unless it is a war of our own making, but we do each have challenges in our lives. The way in which we handle these challenges determines our character, which I believe develops throughout our lives. What act of courage can we today take in our role as care providers?

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