Dec 22, 2010

Hnadling crisis

"Don't beat yourself up or try to jolly yourself out of it: Losing something you cherish hurts, period." Jeffrey Rossman, PhD

In this article in January 2011 Prevention Magazine, Dr. Rossman gives 6 steps for dealing with crisis. And, isn't living with and dealing with dementia a crisis?
1. Acknowledge your feelings. This is not always a fun journey. You will likely be sad at losing the person whom you love, frustrated at the difficulties encountered in everyday living, and tired from doing it all. Many psychologists feel that to heal from trauma one must accept, experience and express one's emotions. So, I recommend that we each have at least one safe person with whom we can honestly share our feelings about this experience. I have a trusted spiritual advisor/counselor. I so value his support. Please find someone you can be honest with, who is nonjudgmental and will give you the support you need and deserve.

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