Nov 24, 2010

Communication help

"We find that if caregivers aren't stressed and in a hurry, if the patient is well cared for, and if they feel safe and in a good environment, they think their lives are good." Michelle S. Bourgeois, speech-pathology professor at Ohio State.

Using pictures with captions, Bourgeois is asking dementia patients about the quality of their life, and the above is her finding. So, how do we as caregivers remain unstressed and unhurried? Her tips on communication can help. Memory flashcards for whatever areas are causing difficulty. Such as, she suggests making a card that says, "Showers make me feel fresh and clean," as a helpful technique if the person you are providing care for refuses to shower.

I can think of countless ways to implement her communication suggestions and make our lives easier, smoother and happier. What are some ways you can think of using written cues to help with memory, anxiety or anger?

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