Nov 19, 2010

Self care

"Failure is never quite as frightening as regret," character in movie, The Dish, enjoyable true story about a satellite dish in Australia covering the 1969 moon landing.

The most current Mayo Alzheimer's Caregiver's Newsletter discusses how important it is for self care for the caregiver. It cites a person who devotes time to yoga, etc. as a way to cope with her husband's diagnosis and the care required for that. I agree that self care is vitally important. It is just not as easy as one might think, as it is dependent upon finances, family and friend support and involvement, circumstances of the dementia. It is vitally important that we find ways to meet our own needs, or resentment of the caregiving is a likely result. One of my favorite current ways is that I exercise at the Physical Therapy facility when I take Dwane for his time there. That may be something available in your area.

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