Nov 9, 2010

Hero as myth

"The hero's epic journey to the center of the self beckons to everyone, though of course it can be ignored or postponed." Dr. Jesse Jennings.

The myths from around the world support this epic journey as a common experience in our human experience. It begins with a call, which we may have tried to ignore, to change, to view things differently from before. Those who take the journey finally say yes, meet at least one mentoring presence to help with guidance, enter into the unknown, face trials and learn the power of love.

Why would we even consider this topic as caregivers? Partly because it is a universal journey, and if not now, when? And for me partly because I need something else to look forward to, to engage my intelligence, besides the daily tasks. And for me partly because as this disease causes us to be more isolated, this is an activity I can do anywhere. I also believe that all of human kind benefits when even one person has the courage to undertake the hero's journey.

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