Nov 12, 2010

Volunteers wanted

"Waging War on Alzheimer's," Prevention Magazine December 2010, page 18.

During the summer I wrote of the new research findings in dementia, specifically Alzheimer's; that instead of the plaque in the brain being the problem that causes dementia, new thinking is the plaque is the body's way to try to protect against the damage that beta-amyloid (a protein that clumps in the brain) does. This research is under the leadership of Dr. Paul Greengard of Rockefeller University. Now Dr. Greengard's team has identified the specific enzyme (named GASP) that triggers the overproduction of protein.

Prevention Magazine says that volunteers are needed to test new drugs which will target this enzyme. If interested, one may volunteer by going to
This is a link from the non-profit Alzheimer's Association. Together we may find new ways to help end dementia.

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