Feb 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

"Blessed are those who can love much and love again regardless of the results." Gregory Toole.

One of the greatest losses for a person who loves someone with dementia is the loss of the relationship, no matter whether that is friend, lover, parent. The disease of dementia claims the essence of who the person was, and the ability of that person to relate fully to his/her exterior world. So, those of us who are dementia caregivers give love without, perhaps, its being obviously returned. If we no longer get attention, conversation, thoughtfulness, from the person with dementia, where can we get it? I find it helpful to think of the people who love me and are able to show that they do. My children, dear friends, service providers. Where can we, as dementia caregivers, get the positive regard that will nurture our spirits? Let's see if we can add one more source of love to our world today.

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