May 25, 2010

Diversions and gratitude

"If it is true that the observer and the observed are inextricably linked in creating reality, then our gratitude actually does help bring the world into being," Dr. Joan Borysenko.

A friend who provides care for her husband with dementia sells clothing out of her home. I like to support her because I think she can use the money, and I think she benefits from the diversion: the thing of interest for her to do besides provide care to her spouse. It is important for me to have diversions too; things which interest me, are fun and give me hope. Some of my diversions are gardening, water and oil painting, writing, biking/running, life coaching (which is lovely as I can do it by phone from home), and cooking. Last night I made a rhubarb pie from new spring rhubarb. Yum. What are the things that nurture you while you nurture someone with dementia?

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