May 17, 2010

Seeing good

"Looking for the good can lead to positive action in the midst of something that isn't working," Rev. Dr. Linda McNamar.

Seeing the good in our lives does not mean that we try to label everything by saying it is good. That does not work. What does work is to look for, and we can find, those things that are going well within whatever life is presenting to us. It also means looking for ways to turn into good that which we are living. In living with dementia, it might mean looking for the glimmers of lucidity, looking for the things the person can still do, looking for moments to enjoy together. It can also mean enjoying memories of the past and planning things to do in the future.

We have not implemented our "play dates" since returning to our home. I intend to do that this week. Something to look forward to; something to take us from the mundane.

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