May 1, 2010


"Quantum physics has shown that the universe is one gigantic energy field that slows down or focuses into various physical forms. Everything is made up of this one universal energy," Dr. Linda McNamar.

Would we live our lives differently if we really believed that we were each part of a whole? Dwane and I are watching Ken Burn's documentary, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. How hard they worked for suffrage for all, only to have women omitted again. I am so grateful to all the people who have lived who have strived for tolerance and rights for us all. There are still areas in which we can help to bring more empathy and tolerance. One area is how people with dementia are treated. As caregivers, we can influence people to treat those with dementia with courtesy, inclusion and respect. What are some ways you can think of to raise people's awareness in these ways? One of the best ways, I think, is by how we treat all people ourselves, especially the one for whom we provide care. This is sometimes called modeling. We model the behavior we want others to have. It is a powerful behavioral tool.

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