May 13, 2010

Outlook equals results?

"Decades ago, Albert Einstein and other physicists gave us a new view of the world. Their research into quantum physics proved that this is a fluid universe where what one is looking for determines what one sees." Rev. Dr. Linda McNamar

Sometimes I get discouraged with the bleak outlook of this disease process of dementia. I do subscribe to the idea that we generally encounter what we expect or are looking for in life. For instance, if in our life experience we are expecting people to take advantage of us, we are more likely to encounter people who take advantage of us. Whereas, if we are expecting life to provide us with people who are trustworthy and supportive, we will encounter more of those types. How then can I reconcile looking for optimism, health and joy within the living experience of the disease process of dementia? It occurs to me: isn't life itself a "disease process"?; meaning, that we live; we die. I guess it is what we make of life during the time we are here that is important, regardless of the external circumstances.

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