Aug 20, 2010

How we look

"Take care, there is much power in a glance. If accompanied by a malicious thought, it can cause harm." Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

There is power in our thought, opinions, ways we perceive others. A spiritual director once told me of the power of "shining love": looking with love onto another human. I was with a dear, dear friend recently and the love we have for each other shines through our eyes. Let us give thought to how we think and look at others. It is important for me to protect Dwane from contempt; which I have seen people with dementia receive. We can help our loved one avoid that by modeling the behavior we want others to show to our loved one. It really works. People tend to treat others the way that is expected of them. I cannot prevent people from avoiding us, which of course some do with their discomfort with dementia; but I can help people to treat Dwane graciously when we are included.

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