Aug 4, 2010


"The responsibility of older age is to continue to make memories," Val Farmer.

That seems a paradox if you are dealing with the type of dementia, the most common type, which includes significant memory loss. But I think what Dr. Farmer is referring to is continuing to have stimulating and enriching experiences, and perhaps we can still enable the person with dementia to have these experiences. He also suggests that in making memories we include photos, video recordings and audio recordings. That may or may not help someone with dementia to relive memories, but it worth considering. Video or audio taping is a good idea to capture memories of heirlooms and items that are important for you and for the person for whom you provide care. What are the stories you can pass on to others about heirlooms or events? Val Farmer suggests that older people continue to make new memories, make lasting memories and to preserve one's memories.

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