Aug 29, 2010


"Yikes! Belly fat equals smaller brains, and a higher risk of Alzheimer's." Remedy magazine Fall 2010.

The quest for overall health, even in the face of a terminal illness, needs to include weight management, physical activity, good nutrition, and peace of mind. Because my mother exposed me to a good knowledge of nutrition, our weight is fine. Exercise is a dilemma. He cannot walk much because of pain in legs. Bike riding is iffy with balance issues, so perhaps we can join a place with a pool for him to swim. There is significant research stating the benefits of exercise to one's physical, mental and cognitive states. In fact, research for some time has stated that to stay at the weight we are we need at least 30 minutes of exercise. To lose weight we need 60-90 minutes. So, what can we implement today to support exercise, weight and well being?

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