Jun 25, 2010


"Even if we perceive some type of universal harmony and duty as the means by which we justify coming to arms, the soul will have remnants of this pain," Celeste Frazier.

I have found this to be personally true. Even if I am taking a stand for what seems right and noble, it takes a toll on my soul (and my body). The path of nonresistance seems to work for me. That does not mean we let others mistreat us. We don't. But, we also do not respond to the call to arms by someone who is picking a fight. Perhaps this sounds like schoolyard antics, but I have been surprised by how many times adults in my life use bullying to get their way. It seems that schoolyard tactics remain the tools of some people their entire lives.

Nonresistance can be used with the person with dementia too. In the myriad of daily miscommunications, I can choose to not react with negativity.

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