Sep 21, 2010


"All dreams spin out from the same web," Hopi saying.

So much wisdom. I think we have seen over and over in history when an idea comes to one person, it is also available to anyone else. And others do pick up the same or similar idea. We are connected. That realization helps me to provide caregiving with compassion. If him; then us. I wonder what role illness plays. I remember a friend telling me of an alternative practitioner who said of illness; 'well, we must all die of something'. I happen to think that illness may be a way for the person to continue the evolution of their soul (and I am not necessarily talking of reincarnation); and/or the evolution of the soul of someone in their lives.

Mayo did not have much to say for Dwane. Not much hope given. They seem resigned to the progression of this terminal disease. And, what meaning does that prognosis have for us? I was not expecting a cure this time, but I was hopeful of new, more beneficial medications.

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