Sep 5, 2010

Review of my year

"Love settles within the Circle, embracing it and thereby lasting forever, turning within itself," Luther Standing Bear.

So, how has the last year been for me as caregiver? It was a godsend that I found us another setting in which to live for the winter months, as the snow removal was just too much for Dwane and me in our current situation. The deep grieving I did in June was beneficial. I came to the realization that we are now 2 years post diagnosis, and things seem about the same as two years ago. So, this is going to be a longer project of caregiving than I had originally planned for (because Mayo literature said death from diagnosis with Dementia with Lewy Bodies is usually 2-3 years.) The good that came from that grieving is that I reclaimed some of my life that I had set aside to devote to caregiving. I started doing some professional work again. I also scheduled us again to go to Mayo -- to see if they have any news tricks in their bag to assist Dwane's health. We had some wonderful trips, fulfilling some of Dwane's wishes and mine. A good year, well spent.

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