Sep 3, 2010

Reflections of gratitude

"Our first teacher is our heart," Cheyenne saying.

Today is my 365th blog entry. I had originally set as a goal doing this blog for one year. During that year I have wondered at the helpfulness of it, especially when faced with some extended family opposition about it. My intention for it has always been to provide reliable information and support to help caregivers in any situation, with dementia in particular, and also to give myself some sense of purpose in the midst of this journey. I know from feedback from readers that many of you find this blog helpful and supportive, and that is my delight as it was also my goal. So, today, it is with gratitude that I have had this avenue of expression and the support of you, the readers. May we all be blessed with serenity and wisdom. I look forward to what the next year will bring. Medical breakthroughs for help with dementia?!?! Wouldn't that be lovely? World peace? Prosperity for all? What would be a good intention to hold for ourselves and the world for the next year? What does our heart tell us?

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