Sep 16, 2010

Nature walks

"A crane standing amidst a flock of chickens," Chinese proverb.

When I run in the mornings here, I see cranes. Beautiful, red-headed cranes. First I would see two, and now I see four. Magnificent. They stand out in the animal/bird world. I recently was talking to someone about the perception of standing out. Her experience was that it was easier to stand out (Be expected to do and be your best) in some places versus others. I think that is true. Some environments are more conducive to allowing and encouraging people to be outside the mold. That is what some of us who are providing care to someone with dementia are doing with the task of caregiving. Standing out by standing in our own truth of how we want to do this task. My choice is with honor, respect and full cognizance. What is your choice?

The time with our grandson is coming to a close and what a joy it has been. He is a delightful, honorable young man. It has been a very good week.

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