Sep 23, 2010

Fall equinox

"Know the river has its destination," Peacemaker, Iroquois.

According to my calendar, today is the first day of fall, and it is very fallish weather here. The meteorologist said that last night was the full moon, and for the first time since 1963 one could see Jupiter near the moon in the night sky. It was too cloudy for us to see it last night; we will look for it tonight.

We are home and getting settled back in. I found myself impatient with Dwane yesterday -- too tired, too much to do with laundry, unpacking, etc; and his negativity was pushing some buttons for me. When impatience occurs for us in caregiving, I suggest we be gentle with ourselves. What we are doing is herculean. We would have to be super-humans to not have some negative emotions. What I do with negative emotions is notice that I am having them, and then recommit to my intention to do this with graciousness.

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