Feb 7, 2014

Core Issues

"The stuff of our lives doesn't change.  It is we who change in relation to it." Molly Voss 
It seems we each have core issues to deal with in life, and those issues keep showing up over and over in different forms.  For those of us who are caregivers, it might benefit us from looking at - in what circumstances did we give care before?  Is it possible that taking responsibility for someone else has been a theme of our lives?  I know that I was overly identified in the role of parent while I was raising my children.  Being a good parent was a large part of my identity.  There are some in the mental health field who believe that we must open the door of our core issues, really deal with them, to find our self worth --- which is separate from any of the tasks we do or have ever done.  What are you willing to look at today?

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