Feb 25, 2014

Variation in Lucidity

"A prominent feature of LBD (Lewy Bodies Dementia) is fluctuating lucidity." lbda.org

Something I had not realized about Lewy Bodies Dementia is that the times of not being lucid, and the depths of the not being lucid increase as the ravages of the disease increase.  Since January, Dwane is more and more of the time not lucid.  He speaks of people coming from Minneapolis and telling him he is just fine, to saying that his cuckoo clock woke everyone up (he does not have a cuckoo clock), to reporting that people kept him in a cave all night.  I listen carefully to make sure there is no mistreatment of him in the care facility, but it does seem just to be increased confusion and less lucidity.  He has also regressed into being largely dissatisfied most of the time about most everything.  So sad to see. 

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