Feb 13, 2014


"Given sincerity, there will be enlightenment." The Doctrine of the Mean, 200 B.C.E.
Patience is something we need in spades as caregivers.  Everything takes longer, so in order not to be frustrated by that, we need to plan ahead.  In our society today, it seems everything is rushed, everyone is in a hurry.  That mode of being will not serve us well as caregivers for someone with dementia.  One way I deal with this is to make his medical appointments in the afternoon.  It is not realistic, given the time it takes him to dress and eat, to try to have appointments in the morning.  I also have to allow much longer to get his coat on and get him into a vehicle.  This process is made worse if we are pressed for time and rushing things.  It is like having a good cup of tea.  It cannot be rushed.  To bring out the full flavor of the tea leaves, they need time to steep in the hot water.  To bring out the best in our loved one and in the caregiving situation, we need adequate time for tasks.  Planning enough time brings out the best in our loved one and in ourselves, and supports the process of patience.

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