Feb 5, 2014


"When we find ourselves stalled in our very serious and ambitious plans, we are often being asked to refind the beginning of time.  Unfortunately, we are all so high-paced, running so fast to where we want to be, that many of us are forced to slow down through illness or breakage." Mark Nepo

Waiting.  Waiting is a familiar experience in the role of caregivers.  In the 6 hours it took for me to take him to a dentist, three were spent driving; the rest of the time I was waiting.  Waiting while the dental people did their work, and then waiting for him to eat.  Patience has never been a well-developed quality for me, so I am getting a chance to develop it and honor it more.  It is prudent for us to learn to wait; because if we do not learn that, I think Nepo is right --- our bodies force us to slow down through illness or breakage.  There is risk enough of that breaking down with the stress of caregiving.  Let us relax into the waiting periods and not allow them to be stressful as well.
         "Now is the appointed time to recognize that we are the change we have been waiting for." Eugene Holden
Now is the time to recognize that we can allow ourselves to be changed -- in positive ways -- in this role of caregiving; of which waiting is a big part.

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