Feb 3, 2014

Our Journey

"You cannot see the working, for it is as delicate as a butterfly's journey through a hurricane." Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

Some of us spend time puzzling what life is all about.  One of the things about which there is need for wisdom and insight is knowing when to go.  People seem to have a hard time leaving relationships and situations.  There is some social stigma about "giving up"; but what if we are not giving up, but giving in.  Giving in to the greater wisdom of what is next and best for us.  Some situations may have started out good, but no longer are.  Then, perhaps, it is time to go.  Life is about leavings and letting go.  We let go of our youth, the body image we had when we were 20, houses, jobs, relationships.  We will even let go of our own body at some point.  We sometimes cannot see the workings of the dance of our own life, but we can trust we are on the right path when we honor the best in ourselves and others.  And sometimes that means leaving or being left.

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