Mar 11, 2010

Living well

"It's not so hard (to live long and well), and it's not all genes. Here's what we can do today.." Dr. Oz.

To be physically healthy is very important for us who are providing care for someone with any terminal illness, such as dementia. Dr. Oz suggests 5 things to do to live well and to live longer:
1. Daily rigorous exercise. At least 3 30-minute workouts in which you break sweat. Also a half hour per week of weightlifting and half hour of stretching.
2. Get 15 minutes of sun every day or take 1000 IU vitamin D daily and 1000 mg calcium with 500 mg of magnesium to avoid constipation.
3. Choose foods that look the same when you eat them as when they come out of the ground. This, of course, implies whole foods and lots of vegetables and fruits.
4. Sleep more than 7 hours a night.
5. Find purpose in your life.

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