Mar 9, 2010

Who is God?

"God is love, truth, beauty," Plato.

For as long as we have had the ability to reason, humans seem to strive to make sense of their world, to find meaning and purpose, and to wonder how this all began. Over the years the idea of a supreme being has changed, as humans have evolved. But, this lovely definition from Plato sums the essences of what a divine being might be. Does it fit with your idea of God? One might wonder why I am considering who is God in a blog about dementia, and I would say: Why not? It is so important to me to find the greater meanings of life, the learnings from the experiences, the beauty of it all. One of the ways I find comfort in living with dementia is to consider what spiritual learnings are there here for me. While this process is really for and about Dwane, there is an aspect: how I respond to it -- that is a component of my greater development as a human.

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