Mar 4, 2010

Stress relievers

"It's time to clear out the clutter," Oprah.

The March 2010 O Magazine reports on ways to relieve stress, by Karen Reivich,PhD.
1. Get perspective. Look at the opposite of the worst-case scenario, so you can see the range of options.
2. Take purposeful action. If there is a rumor about job layoffs, schedule a meeting to talk with your boss. Rather than be anxious, meet your fear head on. Or, in case you fear the person you love has dementia, schedule a doctor and/or neuropsychologist appointment.
3. Look for joy. "Joy and gratitude can help inoculate you against the paralyzing effects of anxiety," Reivich.
4. Identify your strengths and the strengths of those around you to see your own power.

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