Mar 5, 2010

Our thoughts

"Our thought is creative, not because we will it so, but because it already is so. We cannot change this nor escape from its effects in our lives," Ernest Holmes.

I love the idea that I can create the quality of my life by my thoughts. The above quote can be an indictment if we use our thoughts to limit us, but it can be the source of freedom and joy if we use our thoughts to create loving environments for ourselves and those we live with. In a recent conversation someone seemed surprised when I answered her that I was doing extremely well. When I asked her about her response, she said that she thought I would not be doing well considering what I lived with (I believe she was talking about my living with someone with dementia.) How wrong! Of course, I am doing very well! (even if at times I get discouraged) I am doing well because I choose to use my thoughts to notice the wonders in my life, and I choose to dwell in appreciation.

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