Apr 22, 2010

Education versus bombs

"If you teach a boy, you educate an individual; but if you teach a girl, you educate a community," African proverb.

"No other factor even comes close to matching the cascade of positive changes triggered by teaching a single girl how to read and write," Greg Mortenson.

A very interesting read, Greg Mortenson's new book, Stones into Schools. He has as of 2009 created 131 schools in the most remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan serving more than 58,000 students, mostly girls. Astounding in any region, but especially in a region in which females may need community permission to attend school. The author believes that by educating females, terrorism will be lessened, as males often seek their mother's permission before joining a military jihad.

The book is a worthwhile read and one may even be inspired to contribute financially to their efforts. $1.00 a month pays for one child's education in Pakistan or Afghanistan, a penny buys a pencil, and a teacher's salary averages $1.50 a day. For more information: www.ikat.org

And why am I writing about a book to read? Because according to the Mayo Caregiver Newsletter, spouses who provide care to their spouses with dementia are at a very high risk for health problems themselves. We must find ways for self care, and reading can be one way we meet our own needs. Good literature can also be inspiring and can help us keep our own challenges in perspective.

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