Apr 18, 2010


In a doctor's column (Dr. Rick Holm) yesterday he states that Parkinson's may be caused by injury to the brain. Although the cause is not definitively known, Dr. Holm states that there is evidence dating from the l980's that Parkinson's may be caused by trauma to the brain from either blows to the head or environmental toxins, proven ones are manganese dust, carbon disulfide, etc. When an alternative health practitioner recommended Dwane drink 2 ounces every day of holy tea for removal of toxins(Dr. Miller's Holy Tea made from holy thistle, persimmon leaves, malva leaves, marshmallow leaves and blessed thistle), I was skeptical. But in light of having read that Parkinson's (a component of Dwane's diagnosis) can be caused by toxins affecting the brain, I am more optimistic. It is certainly worth a try. Harmless ingredients, I would think, and possibly very beneficial effect. Dwane did supplement his earnings for years by painting in the summers. Gives me pause to consider the possibility of his having been exposed to toxins that caused injury to his brain. We only have to look at Muhammad Ali to believe that trauma can affect the brain and subsequent muscle control.

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