Apr 10, 2010

Nearly home

We have traveled eight states in the past three days, and are nearly home. Travel is wonderful, expansive; but also tiring. The crowds in NYC were amazing. People were courteous and helpful, but so many, many people. It feels more at home to be where we can see the horizon and the vista for many miles. Tomorrow we will really be home. Dwane has handled the travel very well for the most part. The usual complaints about his stomach and some irritability/belligerence, but mostly good natured. He is such a wealth of information about history. He is still talking about Sagamore. For those of you who are not historians, as I am not, Sagamore is located on what is still called the gold coast: The area covered in the Great Gatsby. It is a large house with a lot of Roosevelt's possessions. Theodore Roosevelt's summer home, set in a lovely setting on the northwestern section of Long Island.

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