May 17, 2013

Being Alive

"There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground." Rumi

What refreshes and replenishes you?  Yesterday was a long day taking Dwane to the podiatrist in a regional city.  It is a good thing that I remain involved in such things, because - once again - he has cellulitis on his lower legs.  He was melancholy to be with.  I think with spring here, he has more desires to be home.  He wanted to look at a new lawn mower to buy.  He has not mowed a lawn for two years, and there is no way he could do it now --- but it must be hard to say goodbye to life as he remembers living it.  Yesterday was not a refreshing day for me, but today I will spend some time outdoors and return to my own rhythm.  Each of us know what it is that refreshes us.  Let us take time today to indulge ourselves in that activity. 

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