May 29, 2013


Without a sense of humor, you're old in a hurry.
--Janice Clark

It is so important to have a sense of humor in life.  I think having a sense of humor and not taking things personally are two of the greatest assets toward good mental health and overall happiness.  In talking recently with someone, who felt slighted by other members in her family, we discovered together that it really was not about her personally --- it was just that the family had difficulty including anyone who was not blood relative.  That can be true in many families; those pesky in-law relationships.  Some families have unwritten rules and behaviors which state clearly that 'family' is just those connected by blood.  That behavior can leave someone who has married into the family feeling slighted for decades.  Not taking such things personally --- and that means any slight or discredit, is essential to happiness.  So is having a sense of humor.  Laughter is so good for the body, the soul, the psyche.  Of course, it is important that the laughter is good natured and not mean spirited -- not directed at someone else's expense.  What is there to laugh about today? 

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