May 26, 2013


"Choose to be optimistic.  It feels better."  the Dalai Lama

Cheerful people have fewer heart attacks and strokes, higher levels of  'good' HDL cholesterol, and lower levels of triglycerides than gloomy people.  The more upbeat you are, the more cancer-fighting carotenoids you have in your blood.  Optimistic people tend to eat right, exercise and take good care of themselves.  It is said that being happy is a decision.  You deserve to be happy.  Why not decide, today, to be happy.  One way to increase our happiness is to have fun.  Playing is good for our health.  I know my health is improved by playing with my granddaughter.  We can also dance, do anything in which we can be engrossed creatively, watch a funny movie or comedienne or comedian, and create an adventure for yourself.  What can you do today to have fun?

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