May 5, 2013


"It is only after ten years of surviving cancer, and a life of overachievement that I have stumbled in and out of joy."  Mark Nepo

This quote is taken from Mark Nepo's writing of integrating the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves.  Our society seems to develop very well the masculine qualities of achieving and being practical.   Because of the influence of society, we may have to be intentional in developing our feminine side --- men and women alike.  I, too, have spent a life overachieving.  Some of it seemed necessary --- it was necessary achieve in order to support my children and me.  And, then, it is so easy to get caught up in continuing to achieve, strive, accomplish.   Society needs our creative, nurturing and reflective aspects too --- and so do we.  We each have within us feminine and masculine qualities.  The ideal is to have a balance between them.  Practical when that is needed, nurturing and creative when that is needed.  In what ways do you nurture yourself?  I just took a nap -- a luxury I do not usually indulge, and it was very nurturing.

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