May 22, 2013

Being All We Can Be

"We have all climbed mountains, whether actual or metaphorical ones.  We have all gone through the process of meeting a challenge and being enlarged by it." Kathy Juline

Life calls us to be more than we were before.  Looking back over my life, I can see times where I was called to grow significantly -- to evolve beyond what I had been before.  With this call to grow, there sometimes comes questioning:  am I willing, can I do it, do I want to?  Kathy Juline says that it is in these times of questioning that we grow.  As humans, it is hard to leave behind the familiar; but sometimes in life --- when growth is the next step for us, we are being called to leave something behind.  Perhaps it is a perspective, a habit, a belief system, a way of thinking about ourselves before.  It can also be situations, jobs, or relationships that we are called to leave.  Any situation that has become constraining.  Our task here on earth is to evolve.  When we are being called to be more than we were before, let us remember we have done this before; and we are not asked to do more than we can do.  What new phase might life be calling you to evolve into today?

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