May 3, 2013

Purpose of Life

"The basis of life is freedom.  The purpose of life is joy.  The result of life is growth."  Abraham

Freedom.  Joy.   Growth.  That is easy to remember, and it rings true.  Most prisons are of our own making.  We can be imprisoned by habits, by thought patterns, by addictions, by relationships and commitments to work situations.  Freedom seems to need to precede joy.  So, today let us set ourselves free from anything that is limiting to us.  In so doing, we are more able to reach joy.  Life does call us to growth, and it seems we can choose to have that growth through joy -- although, of course, life also does present challenges -- if we orient ourselves to joy, we can experience more of it.  And, it is all based on freedom.  Today, wear the clothes that help you feel free.  Say the words that you want to say.  Eat the food that supports your own highest good.  Today, let us be free from any ways we have created prisons for ourselves. 

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