May 10, 2013

Seeing Our Sameness

"To direct the mind towards the basic unity of all things and to divert it from the seizing of differences -- therein lies bliss." Tejo-Bindu Upanishad

Who doesn't want bliss?   Joseph Campbell tells us to follow our bliss -- in deciding what to do in our lives.  Here is another way to bliss:  look for how we are the same -- not for how we are different.  For, it is in looking for how we are the same that we find and express love.  And, it is in looking for how we are different that we judge and find ourselves in fear.  Numerous current great minds are saying that there is only love and fear.  The very cells of our bodies respond to those emotional states:  in perceiving love, the cells flourish.  In perceiving fear, the cells (and the immune system) are diminished.  The Buddhist and Hindu greeting, namaste, means the divine in me greets the divine in you.  What better way to see our sameness than to see love at the core of all other people?     Today let us see how we are like other people; not how we are different. 

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