May 14, 2013

Strong Bones

"Calcium is the cement that keeps bones strong.  But it's not all you need for a strong skeleton.  Other nutrients don't just help you build more bone mass, they also help you build better quality bones." Deepak Vashishth, PhD

So, what other nutrients do we need?  Vitamin C for the collagen that forms the ropelike structure of our bones.  Vitamin D is crucial to bone health, and you need 1,000 to 2,000 IU daily --- which is very difficult to get from either the sun or food we eat.  Vitamin K, which is found in deep green vegetables, helps our bones absorb the protein needed.  Moderate amounts of alcohol (1 drink per day for women -- which is 5 oz wine, 1 oz liquor or 1 12-oz beer) help bone density.  One-third of our bones is protein, so for bone density, we need protein. 

As caregivers, we need to take care of our own health -- and bone density is one critical factor. 

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