Aug 27, 2009

Avoiding upsets and angst

The book, "The 36 Hour Day" has some great ideas that I have implemented for avoiding upset for someone with dementia. The detailed lists of how to use the remote for the tv and the phone are examples. Another way to avoid upset is to get the support of outside experts; such as the occupational therapist for the driving evaluation, the neuropsychologist for the neuropsychological evaluation. As caregiver of the person with dementia, you have your hands full enough without taking on the "fight" of getting the person to see his/her own limits. I purposely set up the environment to avoid upset. The lists of instructions, the rules of no ladders, the 7-day pill containers which I fill and he can then take. Whenever I notice an area that causes either him or me upset, I modify the situation to prevent the upset.

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