Aug 25, 2009

Is there a purpose?

I like a quote of Emmet Fox, "If people are troublesome, you have only to change your thought about them, and then they will change too, because your own concept is what you see." I don't think this is true only of people, but also of situations. That is why I have set my intention for the highest and best for Dwane and me and all involved. Do I think this means a cure for Dwane? There are greater mysteries involved with that than I can know. I do not know what is his journey and the purpose this disease might be for him. I heard a story once of a person who had an after-life experience. She was given the choice of remaining in the experience after this life, of returning here whole and well, or of returning here disabled. She was given a review of her life and only after she could see that coming back disabled would not serve the highest and best good of someone else, did she make the choice to come back whole and well.

I don't know what is the highest and best good for Dwane. I only know that I can hold in my intentions the highest and best good for him regardless of what happens in this disease process.

When we learned about his diagnosis and were driving back from Mayo, we made the commitment to each other that our focus would be on the highest possible quality of life now, and that remains our intention. This intention is helpful for us in the day-to-day ups and downs with this disease.

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