Aug 19, 2009


Fun. It seems to me that fun could be reimplemented into my life only as I created enough understanding for myself in what could support Dwan's cognitive decline, and implement the support needed to prevent problems in the areas of decline. Once I did that (and I must say it is ongoing. I continue to monitor what Dwane has trouble in and make changes in the physical environment to prevent those problems.), then I could look at fun in our lives again. We have created a neighborhood get-together every other week. We are part of a group of interesting people who meet monthly to have fun together. We are Netflex members (thanks to a gift from our son-in-law) and enjoy movies together.

And for me. Now that I have dismantled most of my professional life to address this transition in Dwane's health, I am rediscovering some fun that I have not done because of time constraints and/or the stress of this past year. I am taking oil painting lessons again, which I just love. I am writing again, which I just love. I am training (at age 65) for my first marathon with my son, daughter, grandson and daughter-in-law. I am exercising every day, and I allocate time every day for my spiritual life. I am having fun cooking great meals. My garden is doing very well, even in this high altitude. I relish in going out to pick fresh lettuce or other produce for our meals. I have a monthly massage. My life is balanced and serene, and I am so grateful.

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